Updates & News Aqua feed available for IMC, Cat fish, Prawns & Aquarium fishes. Pet food ranging from puppy to adult dog is under development & to be introduced soon. For all inquiries please visit our 'Contact Us' page.

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'Sumridhi' in Hindi means prosperity. Our quality products enables the users to create wealth & bring in prosperity. We cater to all types of feed needs. This could be for commercial farming (Aquaculture, Poultry or Piggery) or for individual needs (Pets or Aquarium). We make pelleted, crumbled & mash type of feeds.

Growth in population, urbanization and increase in per capita income in a country has always been associated with an increase in consumption of animal products & fisheries products in particular. With shrinking resources be it land or water there is a need to take farming as a business and use scientific methods to increase output from same resources.

Commercial feed is one aspect of scientific farming that provides essential nutrients and energy needed for good health of livestock.


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